Wednesday, March 13, 2013

MorningStar Farms Garden Veggie Patties

My family had the opportunity to weigh in on the MorningStar Farms brand and try one of their meatless products for free.  We were a little hesitant going about trying them because we don’t like mushrooms at all; but we decided that now was the best time to try.  We tried out their “Garden Veggie Patties”.  The way in which we used them was for breakfast on some buttered toast.  They come four in a box at a price around $3-4 a box (depending on the sale at the time); so it is relatively expensive to buy regularly.  Although, our normal breakfast food is cereal, toast and yogurt, bagels, and oatmeal so we don’t regularly purchase meat products for breakfast which are typically more expensive than what we are used to.  We surprisingly enjoyed the flavor of the patties, even with the mushrooms, and especially enjoyed that they are made with vegetables.  Because of this they only have 15g of fat which is 74% less than ground beef.  They are still a good source of protein and only 110 calories per serving making it a healthier alternative to many other breakfast foods.  These can be eaten any time of day making a good breakfast with toast, lunch in a sandwich, or dinner on a bun.  Check out their website’s recipe page ( for other more creative ways to use these patties.  The only downside was the consistency of the patty.  Frequently there were large pieces of mushrooms and water chestnuts instead of the even consistency of all similar size pieces throughout.  After trying the first box we have continued to periodically buy these because we enjoy the flavor and health benefits of this over the ground beef alternative.  We would recommend these to a friend.  Thank you to MorningStar Farms and BzzAgent for allowing my family to try out a box for free in exchange for an honest product review.

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