Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fresh and Easy

I LOVE Fresh and Easy!!  I go there several times a month for my grocery shopping needs.  Here are some reasons why I love it: #1 It is so quick to get in and out of (with a 2-month old and a 2 ½ year old this is a huge plus).  #2 They have pre-made meals that taste like homemade meals and don’t contain all of the preservatives and artificialness that so many other stores have (Again, cooking time with two little ones is limited and knowing that I have a meal that is healthy and easy to prepare is GREAT!). #3 Their frozen pizza tastes WAY better then delivery, is cheaper, and is healthier.  #4 All of their products are reasonably priced compared to other grocery stores and generally have better nutritional value. #5 They always have a refrigerated section of food that will be soon expiring that is deeply discounted.  Most of the products can be put into the freezer for later use and come with frozen cooking directions too. #6 They always have a coupon in the weekly ad.  #7 In addition to the weekly ad coupon you can get points by becoming and using their “Friends” card.  You get one point per dollar spent and in the weekly ad and through their website you can see the products that will give you more points each week.  The points add up and are equivalent to $1 per 100 points.  It isn’t a ton of money back, but hey, it is something:-)

Now for the only downside: If you are looking for a specific brand item then they probably don’t have it.  They are very limited on name-brand items and tend to carry mostly their fresh and easy brand.  Although their brand is very good, I still do have to go to the regular grocery store the other two weeks out of the month just to load up on the everyday supplies and items that I can’t get at Fresh and Easy.  They also only have self-checkout which isn’t a bother to me as they always seem to have enough employees to handle the checkout and bagging issues but I also go during the middle of the day when it isn’t busy.  I am not sure how easy it is when it is at a more peek hour in the evening time.  A huge thank you to BzzAgent for allowing me to review the Fresh and Easy store during this buzz campaign.  I am glad that I got the chance to sing its praises.

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