Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Science Diet Ideal Balance Cat Food

I had the awesome opportunity to try Science Diet's Ideal Balance Grain Free Cat Food with my cat. I received a free bag through the Hill's company and ordered it free from My cat only eats Science Diet food because he is so picky and has a sensitive stomach that most of the other cat food brands don't seem to take into account. I usually purchase the sensitive stomach food from Science Diet but figured that I would try out the Ideal Balance Grain Free food this time. I am happy to report that my cat LOVED it; even with being the picky eater that he is. And I loved it too because I didn't have to clean up cat spit-up all over the house because it was sensitive enough for his stomach. After finishing the entire bag of food I went in search of it at Petco but was sad to see that they didn't carry it yet. I am hoping that it will be in mass pet retail stores soon. I love Science Diet food and this definitely did not disappoint. I would recommend this product to anyone with a cat, especially if that cat has a sensitive stomach. Hill's Science Diet also makes a line of dog foods that are also Ideal Balance and Grain Free. I cannot comment on these though as I don't have a dog to try it out on. Thank you to BuzzAgent for allowing me to be on this campaign and try out this wonderful product.

If you too would like to try a free bag and see what all the Bzz is about log onto Hill's website at  There you will have the option to compare your current cat or dog food to the new Ideal Balance.  You will also have a chance to download the rebate form to receive a FREE bag of Science Diet Ideal Balance cat or dog food.  You can't beat that price:-)

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