Thursday, April 14, 2011

"The Final Summit" by Andy Andrews

I just finished reading Andy Andrews book entitled “The Final Summit”. This book is about finding out the one answer that will help to save all of humanity. With the sand of time slowly running out, a man named David Ponder is summoned to help in answering a question along with other “Travelers” from history. In this book you learn new insight into true happenings of some famous and should-have-been famous people in history. The end message will inspire and motivate you in your own life.

This was a great book and left me wanting to know more. I must admit that this is the first of Andy Andrew’s books that I have read and want to go back and read the other two books that preceded this one just so I can find out more about David Ponder and what happened to him before this book. Although I hadn’t read the previous books, I didn’t feel that I lacked the ability to comprehend this book; it was its own unique storyline and lent itself to being read by itself, although I am sure that I still would have gotten even more out of it if I had gone in knowing the back story behind David Ponder. This book was a very quick read and when I got to the end I was a bit sad that I couldn’t find out how David Ponder used this answer to help the world; I really hope that there is a sequel to this book.

I almost didn’t read this book because I was unsure if it was a self-help book, historical novel, business book, fiction book, etc. but am so glad that I did. I learned a lot about history as well as it being inspirational and a great fiction novel. All-in-all I would recommend this to anyone because it has something in it for any type of reader. I received a free copy of this book for an honest review through the publishers at

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